Events Calendar

Welcome to a haven where wine, music, rituals, and wellness intertwine seamlessly, ensuring a stay filled with unending allure and rejuvenation.

Weekly | Tuesday to Sunday at 18.30 pm

Vineyard Voyage - A Wine Affair

Embark on an extraordinary experience as we transport you to our property’s captivating Santorini vineyards. Let our knowledgeable sommeliers guide you through this sensory journey, unveiling stories and nuances that celebrate our vineyard's legacy. Immerse yourself in an enchanting ambiance and exquisite taste, where the art of winemaking merges seamlessly with our luxurious embrace.

Weekly | Tuesday to Sunday at 08:00 am

Elevate & Align

Immerse yourself in timeless rituals of relaxation and rejuvenation within our tranquil oasis. Experience serenity as the morning sun paints the Aegean Blue, overlooking a breathtaking sunrise during our invigorating yoga sessions.

Weekly | Tuesday, Thursday from 19:00 pm

Ethereal Nights

Allow the enchanting melodies of live music to caress your soul as captivating performances grace our sophisticated spaces, infusing the air with an aura of sophistication and charm. Valentino curates a mesmerizing soundtrack, guiding you through nights of rhythmic bliss where each beat pulses with excitement.

Weekly | Every Sunday from 19:00 pm

Sunday’s Ritual – Music for the Soul

Experience the soulful power of music at our signature Sunday Ritual event. Lose yourself in captivating beats and melodies, immersing your spirit in a journey of pure euphoria. Connect with kindred souls, rejuvenate your essence, and celebrate the transformative magic of music.

Weekly | Every Monday at 18:00

Mixology Odyssey

Unleash your inner mixologist in our exclusive Mixology Masterclass. Learn the secrets of crafting signature cocktails from our head bartender and indulge in the exquisite flavors that follow. Elevate your senses and celebrate the art of mixology with us.

Weekly | Friday from 19:00 pm

Nocturnal Set

Don't miss our extraordinary DJ events, where music connects souls from afternoon to night. Experience the electrifying beats and contagious energy that will leave you mesmerized. Join us and be part of an unforgettable celebration of music.