Magma by Spondi Restaurant

Santorini Gastronomy Defined by Nature

Magma by Spondi fuels contemporary haute cuisine with the volcanic passion of Santorini island and its earthly bounty. A restaurant where the power of nature defines the menu and lava-inspired creativity reigns in Magma by Spondi Restaurant in Santorini.


In 1600 BC, the devastating earthquake of Thera woke the volcano and covered the island with magma, smoke, and ashes. Magma by Spondi amuses your palette with explosive delicacies and an earthly smoked touch bringing you aback to the BC times where it all started. Selected local products of uneven freshness, blended with innovative and modern techniques, lead to the road of Haute gastronomy. The menu was inspired by the established entrepreneur Apostolos Trastelis and curated by Michelin-star chef Arnaud Bignon.

Magma by Spondi Restaurant

Arnaud Bignon

The celebrated, Michelin-star chef Arnaud Bignon of Magma by Spondi, presents his very unique interpretation of fine dining in harmony with seasonality and innovative techniques. Having shaped his vision of an undisturbed bond between nature and modernity in the most eminent kitchens of Paris, London and Athens, including the awarded restaurant Spondi in Athens, he invites you to savour an eruption of delicious emotions.

Magma by Spondi Restaurant


The cuisine of Magma by Spondi restaurant in Santorini celebrates fresh ingredients with a vital energy that adds a unique perspective to every element. Discover a signature menu that will carry you away on a journey from the windswept hills of our volcanic land to the depths of the sea and beyond, paired with an exceptional wine list that showcases the best of Santorini’s wine heritage.

Magma by Spondi Restaurant

Special Occasions

Share the gastronomic enchantment of Magma by Spondi with a superior event held in a unique setting on the lava-made slopes of Vourvoulos. From a special business occasion to a romantic wedding reception or any milestone event you wish to make unsurpassable in elegance and delicious sophistication, our talented team is eager to design something ravishing for you. Organize your event in Santorini and in Magma by Spondi Santorini. 

Magma by Spondi Restaurant

contact details

Magma Resort Santorini
Vourvoulos Santorini 847 00 , Greece (Open Map Directions)
Opening Hours 19:30 - 23:00 (May - October)
T: +302286441234

Magma by Spondi Restaurant
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Your stay at Magma Resort Santorini is an opportunity to discover all the shades of earthly wisdom through immersive experiences crafted by experts who are eager to look after your every need and desire.

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Magma Resort Santorini offers and specials are available all-year round. Stay tuned to discover all the latest by Magma Resort Santorini.