Eudaimonia Spirituality Sessions

Spirituality Sessions

This boat tour experience will give you the chance to admire the volcano of Santorini and feel its enormous power. 

“Eudaimonia” is a Greek word that translates to “good spirit” but it is often interpreted as “happiness”.

Angelica Roseclove, Greek wellbeing and mindfulness mentor, will lead Magma Resort Santorini guests on the “eudaimonical” path through the world of ancient Greek culture and art as a spirituality awakening to their destiny.

“Eudaimonia -Feelings are born in Greece” sessions – an experience for body, mind and soul are inspired by the nine muses of Greek mythology. All activities have been especially curated to achieve the “soul’s glory” which is what the nine muses embody, by fuelling individuals with creative inspiration.

Dates: 5-10/06  |  3-8/07  |  7-12/08   |  4-9/09

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